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Finding Work

Not a How-To in Sight

You’ve seen the titles. How to find a job. How to find work when there are no jobs  How to find a job when you’re over 50. How to find work when you’re under 25. And you just know they won’t help you! You’ve seen the titles. Your eyes glaze over. You keep walking. Why do you just know that traditional “how...
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Finding Your Way to the Work You Need

Tell Your Story – and that doesn’t mean writing a good resume. Resumes are necessary to outline your work history and list your skills, but the greatest resume in the world can’t tell people who you are. Add Music – Use the elements of music-rhythm, harmony and melody to start thinking about how to...
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Here’s where you’ll tell your story, to anyone and everyone. Chances are, no one will find you unless you position yourself in a way that places you squarely in the path of work. Social media, local online communities and businesses with online hiring practices are some of the most powerful resources in your search....
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What’s your success story? Did you ever feel that past work came to you by the luckiest of happenstance? Stop and think about the circumstances that led to it. Was it a personal connection to the employer, a shared friendship with just the right contact, or a random event that led you to it?...
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