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Finding Your Way to the Work You Need

The Five: our organizing principles

  • Tell Your Story – and that doesn’t mean writing a good resume. Resumes are necessary to outline your work history and list your skills, but the greatest resume in the world can’t tell people who you are.
  • Add Music – Use the elements of music-rhythm, harmony and melody to start thinking about how to differentiate yourself from the rest of the world, just as one piece of music differs in the hands of each musician who plays it.
  • Communitize – Stop networking. Start neighboring. Weave yourself into the fabric of every community you can. By neighboring locally both online and on the  street, you’ll find out where you can fill a need from the inside, as a community member.
  • Solve a Mystery – What is it that you can do with such ease that others see as a mystery? Mysteries always indicate a need for a solution. What if you could solve what appears to be a mystery to others – and get paid for it?
  • Practice Stewardship – Take care of something bigger than you. Find a way to build a legacy in real time.

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