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Not a How-To in Sight

You’ve seen the titles. How to find a job. How to find work when there are no jobs  How to find a job when you’re over 50. How to find work when you’re under 25. And you just know they won’t help you!

You’ve seen the titles. Your eyes glaze over. You keep walking. Why do you just know that traditional “how to” books on finding a job simply aren’t enough?

Here’s why: job search is NOT a “one size fits all” process. Job search is often not even rational. You can write the world’s best resume. Give the best interview. Your hair can be perfect. You might even be qualified. And you still don’t get the job. How can How to Find Work When There are No Jobs give everyone an answer when the answers that count are all individual?

There’s really only one title that matters when you’re looking for work. The only title that matters: How do I find work? ME!

The way we find work has gone wrong. The purpose of the book is to set it right. For you.

Thinking differently about finding work. Not a “how to” in sight.

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