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Scheduling, timing and content specifics of all FINDING WORK Customized Programs are worked out individually, based on the needs of the specific audience. Contact us to have that conversation – we can help you find a better way.


Veterans face a unique challenge in transitioning back into the civilian work force.  Conversely,  the extraordinary talents of the armed forces who can contribute discipline, courage, leadership and loyalty, to name just a few, are key to filling the needs for work across the country. How will your veterans’ group face their challenges and leverage the talents of their members? The purpose of our program is to provide the answers to that question.


Much like the veterans programs, Finding Work government programs focus on our fifth principle: Practicing Stewardship. Whether your agency handles workforce development, job training, unemployment, or career development; you are practicing stewardship. You have a mission. These programs guide your group to answer the question how do we best serve that mission in developing new, individual ways to connect our people with work?

Government Programs are available for both constituent groups and individuals.


Traditional Career Development Programs provide the basics. Counseling, resume writing, interview preparation, skills development. Sometimes even job leads. What’s missing is the answer to the question what’s next? Our  program does not tell people how to go on a traditional one-size-fits-all job search. It helps them think about finding work in a way that fits their individual needs and that of their communities. It will help each participant figure it out for themselves..


How does the way a business connects people to work contribute to a return on investment? How do we keep getting better, more efficient and more sustainable, while continuing to excel in quality and service? How do we make hiring a company issue and not just a human resources issue?  Finding Work begins with a graphic description of the job search line, an inefficient, ineffective and money-wasting drill some companies run regularly when searching for just the right employee. In these sessions, we’ll map out customized plans to ensure that there are no “job search lines” forming outside our business, and to reinforce the thinking that humans really are a resource – invaluable to a successful business and a fiscally healthy future.